Colleen West Honored by Splashes of Hope

Sayville, NY – The Splashes of Hope Annual Trustees Dinner enjoyed unprecedented success this year, with guests turning out to celebrate both the organization’s artistic excellence and altruism, as well as to honor Colleen West and her husband, Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy. The event took place on March 1st at the Land’s End Restaurant in Sayville, and was attended by over 250 individuals who got the unique opportunity to participate in an exciting live auction led by world-famous, award winning auctioneer Jill Doherty, in which they bid on original artwork that was donated by local artists.

For years, Splashes of Hope has worked in collaboration with art therapists and medical professionals to create medical settings that can be used as tools for pain management, therapeutic distraction, soothing visualization, and focal points during necessary procedures. The organization has become internationally renowned since its inception in 1996, with increasing requests from institutions to have their walls decorated. Hospitals have welcomed the work as many positive patient responses reflect the success of the venture.

“It is my pleasure to lead an organization which does so much for the community, and we were honored to celebrate the lives of such a compassionate and dedicated couple,” announced Splashes of Hope President, Dr. John Pfail, at the dinner. “Colleen and Steve have committed themselves to helping those less fortunate for years, and have helped Splashes of Hope with their kindness and generosity. We can’t thank them enough for their great work.”

This year’s co-honorees, Colleen West-Levy and her husband, Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy, were selected because of their significant philanthropic efforts throughout the Long Island community. A particularly poignant moment during the evening was when West’s daughter, Erin West, took to the podium to sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” in a performance that brought the crowd to its feet and tears to the eyes of many in attendance. Additionally, Jo-Ann Corretti, a Splashes of Hope volunteer artist, presented a collage painting of four distinct scenes of Suffolk County as a gift to West and Levy at the dinner.

“This kind of acknowledgement, from an organization that has committed itself to creating beauty and joy in the face of sickness and adversity, is particularly gratifying,” explained West. “The amazing effort of everyone involved in Splashes of Hope is so inspiring and to be honored by these individuals is both humbling and incredibly reaffirming for me.”

West was selected because of her extensive philanthropy, which includes supporting several charitable organizations including the Cody Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities, The Bob Venero Children’s Foundation, VIBs, and the United Cerebral Palsy of Suffolk County, where West currently serves on the Board of Directors. Because of West’s dedication to two of those particular organizations, which help those in need, Splashes of Hope announced that they will create a healing environment for both VIBS and The United Cerebral Palsy.

VIBS (Victims Information Bureau of Suffolk), a rape counsel and domestic abuse intervention program, has an interview and screening room at Good Samaritan Hospital which will be “Splashed” with a picturesque scene of Hawaii to provide soothing visualization for the patients. Additionally, the United Cerebral Palsy of Suffolk County has two housing facilities in Central Islip which will be “Splashed.” The two facilities, one for girls and one for boys, each house a children’s visual stimulation room, which will be “Splashed” by one of the organization’s artists. The annual event ensures that all the proceeds go toward helping Splashes of Hope continue their mission of creating hand-painted, custom murals in healthcare settings to address the unique needs of patients and staff.

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