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Ensuring an Accurate Transcript

Authored by Enright – Published by the New York State Bar Association
Reprinted with Permission March/April 2006, Vol. 78

Often, the accuracy of testimony submitted at pre-trial proceedings is critical to winning your case. Errors or omissions in transcripts can be detrimental to the case you are putting together for trial. A word can alter the meaning of a sentence; a misinterpretation of a non-verbal response can become an unforeseen problem. This article will focus on key techniques to help ensure that an accurate transcript is recorded with minimal interruptions and maximum efficiency. Continue reading “Ensuring an Accurate Transcript”

Enright Court Reporting: An Agency You Can Count On

Suffolk County Chapter Newsletter May 2005

Enright Court Reporting, Inc., based in Sayville, has sponsored several SCWBA programs and has a reputation for reliability and professionalism in the legal community. We wanted to take a closer look at this agency to see how they function and what makes them unique in the legal community. Continue reading “Enright Court Reporting: An Agency You Can Count On”


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